Hi, I'm Nicole

Hi, I’m Nicole and I have been on a self health journey for about seven years now. It started when I broke up with my fiancé and called off the wedding. I had been with him for 13 years and now figuring out life alone was going to be different.

I moved back home with my mom, which I loved. I wanted and needed to keep my head busy because I was an emotional mess so I started working out. It was a slow process, going to the gym doing cardio and lifting light weights, walking, yoga, and kickboxing.

About a year after this my moms cancer had come back more ferocious than before so we needed to start mew treatments for her, more intense ones. I turned to god and asked why me, why my mom, I was so sad but knew god had a purpose for this.

This got me thinking about life differently, a year i was only thinking about my body but not my mind. I decided to go to therapy to speak about past traumas, my breakup, my mom, all of what i was feeling. It helped me so much! I was able to release some of my pain and learned how to cope, then I stopped going.

If my friends went out, i did even if i didn’t want to. I would let people talk to and about me however they wanted. I never understood boundaries. In the midst of all of this my mom got sicker and sicker, I was her main caregiver so I stopped going out or doing anything with friends so I could enjoy my time with my mom. She was my best friend and my life, and she suddenly was gone. I had to relearn how to live once again. I vowed this time I would really take care of myself.

I went back to therapy, I got my own place, I let go of some toxic people, and I took time for me. I learned a lot over these years that has helped me tremendously but still the constant going and stressed out me didn’t go away. I did not know how to live in the moment nor did I really know how to. I reached out to a mentor I had met a few years prior in the fitness world and saw she was teaching rewiring your brain and mindset work.

I was intrigued. We had talked, and a purchased a program from her. It was great and taught me so much. I learned how to journal and look inside myself on what I was feeling but I didn’t stick to it. Flash forward to the pandemic, type “A” personality me felt so out of control with no gym being opened, money being tight, and not knowing what was happening in this world.

I desired to get my mind right once and for all. Learn the ins and out of why and how to fix this all. My mentor reached out to me and told me she had some spots in her mastermind container, told me in order to grow I have to take leaps, do things that scare me..so I joined. It was the best decision I could have made for myself and my growth. Health has always been my constant and once I realized how to tie my mindset and my body together I became unstoppable in my healing/health journey.